Return Policy

My hope is that you enjoy your tree. I know that seeing a glass tree in person is different than seeing pictures on the internet. So my policy is to give you a chance to return your tree if it is really just not what you expected. If upon receiving your tree you feel you have been swindled, or if you bought the tree when you were kind of tipsy but really did not have the money for it in the first place and just really need to return the tree, please reach out instead of holding bitter resentment in your heart. I will take returns within 30 days of package delivery for a 95% refund of the purchase price. You will need to cover shipping on returns.



Policy Details

Before You Make a Return

Before you make a return, do me a favor. Place the tree in a room that gets different lighting throughout the day. Place it somewhere where you can see it from multiple vantage points and multiple distances. Let it sit there for a day or two and see if you change your mind. The tree was designed to catch light and shadow in the leaves. You may be surprised to find that a slight change in lighting can really bring it to life.

Actual Details

If you want to make a return, just reach out through the contact page, at, or DM me on instagram Let me know that you wish to make a return and attach order details so I can track down your order. I will honor returns for a 95% refund if you have contacted me within 30 days of package delivery. I'll send a return address and issue a refund once I have recieve the returned item and can see that it is not damaged. Payments may take up to 5-10 buinsess days after the refund has been issued. You cover shipping on returns.

No Questions Asked

Of course it would be helpful for me to know why you have decided to return your tree so that I can make adjustments to better serve future customers. If you feel like giving feedback, your feedback is always welcome. You are also welcome to return the item while giving no explanation whatsoever as long as you reach out within 30days of package delivery.