My hope is to strike a balance between what people can actually afford for a special purchase and what I need in order to keep making more trees. I also try to offer options at a variety of price points so that more people can enjoy the art. See below for descriptions about the types of considerations I make when setting a price.

Pricing Details

Time Spent Making Trees

These trees are all made by hand using a process that is something like painting in 3D using glass. The process is very time consuming and each tree takes a lot of patience and work.


I always work with quality in mind and do my best to produce high quality trees. That being said, there is a range of quality in my trees. I use a technique that involves adding glass layer by layer while balancing torch heat, glass heat, color characteristics etc. There are plenty of opportunities to introduce blemishes. For the most part, the blemishes I am talking about are only noticeable on close examination, but I will reduce the price a bit if there are large bubbles, unnatural looking gaps in branches, excessive or distracting wispy lines or tool marks compared to what can normally be expected. I can also take the time to add more detail to branches and leaves. Trees with higher levels of detail will end up costing a bit more because they take more time. Cracks, checking, and large scratches are always unacceptable, and I will not sell trees with these kinds of issues. If you find a crack in your tree, please contact me so I can correct the issue.


Size can be a factor in pricing. Larger trees can require much more glass, heat, time, and skill to create.

Style, Shape, and Color

Things like colors, shapes, and the style of the tree can effect pricing. For example, trees featuring a color gradient in the leaves may cost more because of the extra work involved in creating the gradient.